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The Evolution of HIV Self-Test

For over 5 years, Aviro Health has been improving health outcomes by developing digital platforms that complement HIVST in sub-Saharan Africa, but self-testing has a much longer, complex history. The idea of HIVST was first proposed in 1986 as a way for individuals to quickly learn their HIV status, independent of a healthcare facility. HIVST removes barriers and increases access to testing for key populations, but it took a quarter of a century to get the first HIVST kit approved by the FDA.

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Aviro Health + TB/HIV Care: Increasing the Uptake of HIV Self-Testing in Healthcare Facilities

Aviro Health is pleased to announce a successful partnership with TB/HIV Care in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. This partnership will allow Aviro Health and TB/HIV Care to increase the uptake of HIV self-testing in healthcare facilities by availing testing booths and tablets to improve patients' testing experiences. The key is accessibility. That is why Pocket Clinic can now be found in TB/HIV Care healthcare facilities  in the Eastern Cape – taking screening and testing closer to people. 

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Now Recruiting: Junior UX/UI Designer

Aviro Health is looking for a Junior UX/UI Designer to join our design team. The ideal applicant should be well-versed in graphic and digital design, with a passion for both user interface and user design.

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Now Recruiting: Product Owner

Aviro Health is looking for a Product Owner to join our product team. The ideal applicant should be passionate about social impact, innovation and digital health, as well as possess a strong background in product launch and release.

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Building the Future of Medicine Information

The nation's benchmark for medical knowledge, the South African Medicine Formulary (SAMF) was digitized and designed into an online app. Now healthcare workers can access medicine related information on the cellphones with an easy to use, beautifully designed and intuitive representation of all the knowledge held in the traditional SAMF book publication. | 7 min read |

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Aviro Health + Supporting Health Providers to Reach More Patients

Aviro Health is excited to announce the successful partnership with The goal of the partnership is to increase adoption of Aviro Pocket Clinic by health providers in South Africa and Kenya to improve access to quality HIV and Diabetes care. Pocket Clinic is a digital self-care platform made available through service providers in the public and private sector.

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Pushing Boundaries with Digitally Supported Self-care in Kenya

In October, Aviro Health CEO, Dr. Musaed Abrahams visited Kenya to gain insight. This trip was meant for Aviro Health to connect with its partner, Population Services  Kenya (PS Kenya). PS Kenya is groundbreaker in HIV self-testing. As a leader in social and behaviour change, with a mission to improve the health of Kenyans, PS Kenya promotes functional systems and increased access to quality health solutions. 

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Aviro Health Secures Pre-series A Funding

Aviro Health is excited to announce the successful closing of a pre-series A funding round from ASISA ESD Fund (managed by Edge Growth), Tuksnovation, and TIA. The funding will be used to improve and expand Aviro Pocket Clinic, a digital counselling service made available through health providers in the public and private sector that empowers patients with accessible and engaging counselling and linkage to services via mobile phones or devices in facilities

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Aviro’s Implementation Manager reflects on partner success, relationship building and user-centered design in digital healthcare.

Navigating digital health services - Beatrice shares her perspective.

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What is a product owner? Head of Product at Aviro Health Lyanne Mapani shares her experience.

We use apps and websites everyday for information, convenience, entertainment and all kinds of services. We see the end interfaces that have been beautifully designed and coded for us to use with ease.

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