Aviro Health + Madiro.org: Supporting Health Providers to Reach More Patients

Aviro Health + Madiro.org: Supporting Health Providers to Reach MorePatients

Scaling up digitally supported self-care through the Aviro Pocket Clinic Platform.
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Cape Town, South Africa: Aviro Health is excited to announce the successful partnership with Madiro.org. The goal of the partnership is to increase adoption of Aviro Pocket Clinic by health providers in South Africa and Kenya to improve access to quality HIV and Diabetes care. Pocket Clinic is a digital self-care platform made available through service providers in the public and private sector. It empowers patients with accessible and engaging semi-automated health journeys, counseling and linkage to services via phones or devices in facilities, for conditions like HIV and Diabetes and supports health providers with a platform to stay connected to their patients.

Madiro.org operates in Africa with a vision of supporting health innovation that can radically transform access to healthcare. Madiro is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to ensuring health equity for the world's most vulnerable people. Madiro works with partners to develop transformative ideas that can save lives and decrease suffering, whether it is due to living in rural or isolated places, weak health systems, conflict, or marginalization.

Madiro.org will support Aviro’s vision of simplifying health navigation and empowering millions of people to proven health outcomes every year by providing technical support, funding and associated networks. This support will help Aviro to partner with many types of health providers (NGOs, pharmacies, DOHs), with a special focus on helping health providers adopt Aviro’s clinically validated and NDOH-endorsed support for HIV self-testing.

COVID has highlighted and magnified the pre-existing urgency for health providers to find ways to effectively support patients in digital and semi-automated ways, reducing routine interactions and allowing health workers to serve 10x more patients while making accessing care friendlier and easier.This partnership will help us more easily engage with new provider partners, increasing the number of patients we support and allowing the health providers we support to improve their delivery. ~ Dr Musaed Abrahams, CEO Aviro Health

In the last 2 years, Aviro Pocket Clinic has helped over 50,000 patients access health services in SouthAfrica and Kenya, with results validated by leading universities including WITS, UCT and John Hopkins.Aviro Pocket Clinic supports patients to achieve concrete health outcomes through carefully crafted medical content and proven user flows that deliver the right support at the right time. Managed and delivered through a Web or WhatsApp chatbot, or via an app on a tablet in a booth, Pocket Clinic has robust data and analytics capabilities making the platform an innovative and efficient way for providers to get verifiable outcomes without having to be with the patient through the entire care pathway. This allows them to focus on the cases that require more specialised in-person support and to improve their overall health impact on tight budgets.

Leveraging digital technologies such as the Aviro Pocket Clinic to improve healthcare access, quality and outcomes in areas with chronic health worker shortages will be vital. The Aviro Pocket Clinic’s demonstrated ease-of-use and increased efficiency will be an important tool in the fight against infectious and chronic diseases. Madiro is excited to be helping Aviro Health scale it’s technology. ~ James Fraser, CEO, Madiro.org

Aviro Health is a leading African digital health company using empathy, design, and technology to improve and scale counselling and patient support.

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