A Pocket Clinic inspired by people

Aviro Pocket Clinic smartly combines digitally-assisted patient and provider engagement, for multiple diseases and medical conditions, with linkages to live people and services.

It offers a user-friendly experience, seamlessly integrating data and analytics into the care workflow to ensure collection is an asset and not a burden, reducing frustration and providing real-time feedback for rapid improvements.

Our technology meets people where they are.

When we really listen to and understand people, access and retention in healthcare can be dramatically improved.

Approved by Government

Endorsed by South African National Department of Health

Trialed by Leading Universities

Demonstrated acceptability in studies by Johns Hopkins, Wits and UCT

POPI and GDPR Compliant

World-class secruity for data and results.

100,000+ patients

Real experience engaging patients at scale
Multi-channel Functionality

The platform can be accessed via mobile phones or digital devices in healthcare facilities. The key is accessibility.

Diverse Use Cases

Our technology works across multiple conditions (HIV, Diabetes, Surgical, etc) and use cases, including testing and linkages, treatment initiation, and adherence.

Multi-language Support

Aviro Pocket Clinic was developed on a continent that is characterised by diversity. It is designed for everyone, whoever they are, wherever they are.

An Optimised User-Experience

The patient journey is intuitive and customized, resulting in a digital journey that is tailored to the behaviour of the user and their needs at a given time.

My partner and I both tested. The app was very user-friendly and straightforward.
I found it easy to use and would highly recommend it to others.
I was surprised by how easy the test was and how useful I found the information.

Why Aviro?

Our technology is designed for people and backed by science. We have demonstrated the efficacy of our technology through proven results, and we will continue to do so.

3 assessments proving usability and efficiency

The platform has been validated in trials assessed by leading universities, Johns Hopkins, Wits and UCT.

50% improvement in testing volumes at health facilities

Digitally-assisted, self-testing booths attracted people who don’t usually test (especially males), improving testing rates at facilities by 50%.

80% of patients linked to appropriate care

A study in Johannesburg found that new testers have a 12% positive HIV rate and were linked to the necessary kind of care at a rate of 80%.

50% uptake of digital tool by patients

Digital support for HIV self-testing has a strong uptake of more than 50% of patients, as well as strong report and positivity rates.

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