AVIRO MOBILE: HIV Clinical Mentor

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An app designed for nurses treating HIV

Aviro is the flagship mobile health application for Aviro Health. Perfectly suited to nurses, the Aviro ART Treatment Mentor is an app designed to help nurses in primary care settings to efficiently treat HIV patients.

Nurses load the app onto their mobile phones. Based on South African clinical guidelines, it enables nurses to determine whether a patient is eligible for ARV treatment, what drugs to use and when to start treatment.

The app goes a step further by providing access to a referral system and the HIV hotline. Aviro provides real-time, immediate feedback and guidance for the clinician, so that excellent and reliable care can be delivered to every patient. Aviro calculates information that is essential for patient management, that is often missed in routine exams.


What is in the App

  • Adult Eligibility & Treatment Module
  • Adult & Paeds WHO Stage Guide
  • Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMCT) module
  • Pediatrics Eligibility & Treatment Module
 Pediatrics Drug Regimen
  • Pediatrics WHO Stage Guide
  • Drug Interaction Calculator
  • Creatinine Clearance Calculator and corrected ART dosage
  • High Viral Load

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We Redesign Approaches to HealthCare in Africa

We love to prototype, innovate and collaborate

Medical Product and Service Design

We design products that affect all aspects of health care across technology platforms. We work with a broad range of platforms to support various health and patient needs: From desktop or mobile application, to produce supported digital ecosystem design for the health industry.

Product Realization

We build prototypes and pilots to evaluate new services and build confidence as the fidelity of the ideas increases. We co-create with patients, healthcare professionals and customers to ensure we are creating meaningful and successful relationships that impact health.

eLearning, Training and Education

We providing training and mentoring in research, design and strategy to help clients successfully design for themselves. We help manage and produce meaningful content for health organizations that inform both patients and health workers.

User Experience Strategy

We provide compelling, effective interfaces for users to interact with products and organizations. We measure and evaluate how users feel about a system or product evaluating the ease of use, perception of the value of the system/product, utility, efficiency in performing tasks.

practical, innovative and implementable solutions for Health

we design for impact

About Us

Bringing health care into the hands of the people

Medicine, Design & Technology

Aviro Health is a Medicine, Design and Technology company that creates digital tools to improve the quality of medical intervention. Aviro Health grew out of a need to create practical, innovative and implementable solutions for our African healthcare context. We put design based approaches to improve the quality of medical intervention in the public and private sectors. We identify solutions and new ways to support the medical community by identifying constraints, challenges and real life scenarios. We help medical and health organizations build creative culture and internal systems required to sustain innovation and groundbreaking ideas. We design products, services, spaces and interactive experiences that shape the medical field in Africa and across the globe. We solve systemic problems, identify hidden opportunities and bring new products and solutions to market in the healthcare field.

Why Care about Design?

Aviro believes Design Medicine will revolutionize the way we think about health in Africa. Already, design is having a dynamic impact on Medicine. Aviro is passionate about being part of that change.

Increasingly, companies in the technology space are introducing principles of design to improve medical products. Medical Design involves re-shaping approaches to health so that they can be he integrated into medical practice.

Design is not only about making things look good. It is about making products, tools and services efficient and functional. Design goes way beyond aesthetics. It solves problems through creativity.

Meet The Team

We are a pioneering team of doctors, creatives and technologist inspired by changing Africa's approach to Health
Musaed Abrahams (MD)

Musaed Abrahams (MD)

Founder, Medical Director

Musaed has worked and trained in Southern Africa as a HIV Training coordinator of MSF (doctors without borders).With over 5 years experience of coordinating HIV courses for nurses and doctors, with trainings in SA, Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe he has developed innovative educational approaches to medical training.



Creative Director

Jepchumba has been listed by Forbes as one of the 20 Youngest Power Women in Africa 2012 and by the Guardian Africa’s Top 25 Women Achievers. Jepchumba is a User Interface and User Experience Designer designing and developing products and tools used across the globe. 

James Nutall (MD)

James Nutall (MD)

Medical Advisor

Paediatrician and Paediatric Infectious Diseases Senior Specialist at Red Cross Children’s Hospital and Senior Lecturer at the School of Child and Adolescent Health, University of Cape Town. Areas of expertise include the management of infants & children with HIV infection and HIV/TB co-infection .

Graeme Meintjes (MD)

Graeme Meintjes (MD)

Medical Advisor

Graeme Meintjes is an Assoc. Professor of Medicine and adult Infectious Diseases Physician based at the University of Cape Town in the Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine. He jointly established the Infectious Diseases Unit at GF Jooste Hospital in Cape Town.

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