At Aviro, we design and build digital health solutions that address real world problems in healthcare delivery. We work with people who believe in access to high-quality healthcare for everyone, regardless of where you come from. Our flagship product, Ithaka, helps patients navigate healthcare and locate support services. It is a concrete example of our commitment to these values.  
We provide end-to-end consulting services for all those working in health: non-profit organisations, governmental public sector, and private sector businesses. Our expertise lies in developing user-centric digital content and mobile application solutions for the health sector. Our solutions are tested in real life from start to finish, so you can be sure that your project will not only be engaging, but will lead to positive health impact.  

Ithaka is a mobile platform that empowers patients as they navigate healthcare systems and manage their medical journeys for chronic conditions such as diabetes or HIV.

Health providers use Ithaka to improve the coordination of the care they deliver, to connect patients to services, and to decrease costs and improve outcomes.

When MSF started to look at creating digital tools for youth HIV education, we decided to partner up with Aviro. Aviro has been a valuable strategic partner to us in the process. It’s been positive to collaborate with an organisation that has a good grasp on where modern healthcare is headed.


Rodd Gerstenhaber, Country Director, MSF South Africa

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