Design for Digital Health

Aviro Health provides end to end consultation for businesses, non-profits and governmental organisations who need digital content or mobile application solutions in the health sector.

User design practices allow Aviro Health to create solutions that have been tested and affect behaviour change. Our end to end consultation provides the necessary strategic direction to create (and prove) greater social impact.


We partner with health providers as early as possible in the ideation of content or technologies and work with their staff, users, and other stakeholders to come up with clear ideas on what is achievable and impactful.

We focus on truly engaging with users through workshops, and using rapid prototyping to quickly arrive at viable, lovable and impactful solutions.

We work with our partners to ensure a successful launch, because we know that context and support structures are critical to successful adoption.

And we continue to work with our partners post-launch, to iterate and improve on the intervention, using feedback loops from data and from people to drive successful outcomes.

We use following tools throughout the design cycle:

  • Innovation Workshops
  • User Workshops
  • User Testing
  • Stakeholder Engagements
  • Prototype testing
  • Project Sprints
  • Instructional Design
  • Pedagogical Design


We have experience in developing and launching solutions in the following technologies:

  • Virtual Reality
  • Mobile Applications
  • Web Based Platforms
  • Front End Development
  • Open Source Solutions


Aviro Health has many years experience developing medical and health content for both patients and providers that is informative, engaging and motivating and includes

  • Narrative Video
  • Animation
  • Conversational scripts
  • Social Media Poster, Stickers and GIFs
  • Virtual Reality