Ithaka supports self-testing and linkages to care

HIV self-testing is preferred by many people who want to know their status but struggle to access health facilities. Health providers are however hesitant to provide self-testing without effective ways to anonymously and remotely support patients and help link them to care.  Ithaka is here to help.

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Counseling Features:
NDOH approved content (text and video) for HIV counseling (RDT)
Oral and blood HIV self-testing support
Multi-language support
Linkage to Care support
Index testing referral support

Platform Features:
Tablet app (online/offline)
Whatsapp chatbot
Data free web application (PWA)
Digital Collection Form builder
Custom branding
POPI compliant (See Aviro Privacy Policy and T&Cs)
Data dashboards
Integration to existing data systems

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Use Case: Facilitated HIV Self Testing at Clinics

The Aurum Institute, in partnership with Johns Hopkins, offered HIV Self Testing in Health Facilities which showed a 40% increase in testing and 80% linkage to care.

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