Ithaka supports self-testing and linkages to care.

HIV self-testing is preferred by many people who want to know their status but struggle to access health facilities. Health providers are however hesitant to provide self-testing without effective ways to anonymously and remotely support patients and help link them to care.  Ithaka is here to help.

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“Easy to use and would highly recommend others to use it”
Male, 29, Johannesburg
“Easy to use and would highly recommend others to use it”
Male, 29, Johannesburg

User Journey

01. Find

Patient is guided by website, brochure or clinic staff towards online platform when receiving HIVST kit.

02. Register

Patient registers, selects channel (web, WhatsApp or app) and is explained their rights around data protections and anonymity.

03. Learn

Patient is provided information on their  upcoming journey and given opportunities for counselling.

04. Journey

Patient is guided through test and linkage to care steps by engaging with tailored content, features and calls to action.

05. Engage

Patient can at any time access chat or real-life support with the click of a button.


  • WhatsApp, App and Datafree website channels
  • Existing, proven content and journey maps for HIV
  • Blood and oral self-testing support
  • Linkage to real counsellors
  • Custom experiences by age and gender
  • Multiple languages
  • Friend referrals
  • Integration to existing data systems
  • Secure data handling (See Aviro Privacy Policy and T&Cs)

Case Study 1: HIV Self-testing in Clinics

The Aurum Institute, in partnership with Johns Hopkins, is offering HIV self-tests in health facility waiting areas. To improve efficiency and anonymity of the offering, Aviro is providing digital support in 3 languages to walk clients through testing and linkage to care.

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Case Study 2: Community HIV Self-testing

Aviro and Wits RHI are using the Web and WhatsApp Chatbot functionality of the Ithaka platform to support HIV self-testing distribution in community settings.

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