HIV Adherence Videos

We believe that it is important to disseminate critical information and training through technology.Β These video targets counsellors, nurses, doctors and clinic managers working with HIV patients and focuses on provider and health system challenges and solutions which affect ART adherence. The video features adherence expert Dr. Catherine Orrell and MSF clinical staff providing testimony from various clinical contexts.

Produced in collaboration with MSF South Africa and the SA HIV Clinicians Society.
Directed and voiceover by Dr. Musaed Abrahams.

From Prototype to Launch

I remember the first time I installed the completed J2ME app on a simple phone. I was sitting with my partner Mim and seeing it work, actually work…felt like a bit of magic.

[video width="304" height="668" mp4=""][/video]

Now we’re finally sending it out tomorrow atΒ #SMWJHBΒ and I realise the real magic is in all the people who cared enough to make it happen. Team Aviro is big.

Thank you all.


noun: a feeling of fear or anxiety about something that may happen

That’s the feeling I had in this pic. It was my first day in Lesotho and I had just walked into the clinic 10 minutes before. I was there for MSF to film an HIV video on Adherence, but as I strolled into the consulting room, the nursed looked up –

– Are you a doctor? Can you please suture this woman?

-Before I could answer, the cameraman says
– Yes he is, he can do it.

The patient is about 20 years old but the age was difficult to judge. She was HIV positive on treatment but this was the least of her worries.
I asked her to remove the sheet covering her head and she looked embarrrased/ashamed as she showed the 7cm gash on her head. I had seen that same look in Khayelitsha, Paarl Hospital and GF Jooste Hospital. Fear and shame.

The laceration was deep but with no fracture and it came courtesy of her knob-kerrie wielding husband.

Yes – he was drunk
Yes – he had done it before
and yes – she was afraid to go back.

Gender-based violence. We often give clean words to capture and control the harsh realities we see. To anaesthetise ourselves. So we can do the job.
I do the job. Prep, clean, stitch (no tension), nurse..cut please. Feels familiar now and I am comfortable;
but her trepidation..still hangs in the air.